It’s only ten bucks.

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Ten dollars

I was reviewing my checking account activity a couple of days ago and was a little taken aback by the number of subscription payments I had each month.  Eight bucks for Netflix, $9 for Hulu, $10 for a monthly bag of make-up samples, $10 for a gym membership I thought I cancelled—all these things I signed up for without a second thought because, hey, it’s only ten bucks.

Yet, when a charity is fundraising online, I might hit “like” or “share” and feel really good about it. I’m going to think about it. I’ve done my good deed.  I’ve spread the word.

Maybe $10 will help feed a child—I really need to think about it. 

Maybe I’ll swing through Starbuck’s for a second pick-me-up today.  I was up really late last night watching Netflix, so late in fact that I skipped the gym again.  That’s only $9 today, plus I get those little gold stars on my phone. 

Do you know what the problem is?  I’m not lazy, or selfish, or careless.  I just hadn’t thought about it that way before.

Probably 90% of the time we ask a supporter why they don’t donate monetarily, their answer is, “Because you didn’t ask.”

So we are asking.  What if you clicked the “Donate Now” button on, or just clicked here and set up a recurring donation of $8, $10, or heck, why not go for broke and make it $20?  Then what if you just cancelled one of those subscriptions you never use.  Or don’t.  Because what’s another $10 to you?

For a child, it is the difference between hunger and health. Right here in Modesto.

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