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This Cookbook Will Change Lives             $8.50 retail

Inter-Faith Ministries Fundraising cookbook

This cookbook will change lives; maybe not yours, but someone’s.

Inter-Faith Ministries began over 40 years ago when a group of folks from different denominations and congregations got together to serve the needy out of two small houses on 15th Street in Modesto.  Motivated by love and united by their faith in God, their goal was to meet the most basic human needs: feeding and clothing the poor.

Our location has changed. Those little houses are gone. The population and need has grown, but our mission, our goals, are the same.

The families we feed get bags of healthy groceries, and receive educational information and guidance in preparing wholesome meals in an atmosphere where they are valued, respected, and empowered by the choices they are given.

We serve the equivalent of above 1 MILLION meals a year to the neediest in our community, where over 20% of our population lives below the poverty line.  This includes more than 36 THOUSAND children.

Hunger isn’t an abstract idea here.  It is a quiet and pervasive affliction that almost certainly affects someone you know.  At IFM, we are dedicated to fighting it every day, in a real, tangible way.  By purchasing this cookbook, you have already helped.  Every dollar we make will help purchase food for the hungry.

Food is health.  Health is hope.  Hope changes lives in more ways than we can count.

100% of the proceeds from “This Cookbook Will Change Lives” will be used to purchase food and provide healthy cooking education to the needy in our community.

Artfully designed, full-color from cover to cover, this book features nutrition information, food inspiration, cooking tips and recipes from registered dietician Sandy Cadra, and individuals from our community, and across the country.

“Change Lives” is also available for purchase at our front desk, 120 Kerr Avenue, in Modesto.

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